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I think its safe to say
I threw a penny in a wishing well
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28th-Apr-2011 06:21 pm - Schreibhemmung
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If you had to eat the same breakfast everyday for a year (and it would be prepared and served to you), what would you choose?

Pancakes. with maple sirup and salty butter. maybe some strawberrys as a fresh ad.
with that a caramel latte and fresh orange juice. 

19th-Apr-2011 12:11 pm - Schreibhemmung
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If you could take an all-expense-paid two-week vacation to anywhere in the world with one friend or partner, where would you go and who would you take?

I would grab ellethdartagnan  and fly to the US. And there we would do a roadtrip in an old muscle car (these things are really expensive if you rent them), visisting some of our friends over there and enjoy the country.
26th-Mar-2011 10:24 pm - 100 facts about me
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jepp, that twitter worldwide trending thingy.
excuse typos, but I´m a little tipsy.

  1. I´m 25

  2. Born on September 2nd

  3. on a Monday

  4. in the middle of the night at 2:53

  5. My heart got just recently broken. And it´s worse than ever.

  6. I broke my left pinky finger in a schoolyard fight when I was 10.

  7. have still all my organs.

  8. I have a tattoo between my shoulder blades. It´s a celtic knot.

  9. I live by my own for three weeks now.

  10. It´s boring like hell.

  11. I often feel alone because I live by my own.

  12. I have a kitty named Tequila. She still lives at my dad´s place, cause I won´t be much home in the future because of my new job.

  13. I´ll be a professional photographer from May 1st on.

  14. I love books. I owned over 100 once, but my dad threw most of them accidentally away when we moved the last time.

  15. I still have my baby blanket. It´s yellow and gray with elephants on it.

  16. I love nail polish. I almost wear it every time.

  17. Favorite nail polish colors are: dark purple and black.

  18. The only book I read twice was “Pippi Langstrumpf geht an Bord”. I think I read it five times or so.

  19. I read so much till now, I don´t even have a favorite book. There are so many great ones out there.

  20. I had a almost a D in English when I graduated.

  21. I hate math.

  22. Since my role play character got turned into a fairy once, I have a thing for fairies.

  23. And I love unicorns. Cause hey, “there is no such thing as unicorns?”

  24. I own a Nikon D5000

  25. It´s name is Bobby.

  26. My car is a 97 VW Polo 6N

  27. It´s name is Günther.

  28. I love to read fanfictions. Especially the “a real wild child” trilogy.

  29. I thought about buying the porn with Mark Pellegrino. But 45€ was a little expensive.

  30. I love red wine.

  31. My friends are very important to me. Don´t have much, but the few I have are my everything.

  32. A person who knows how I am with trust and everything, betrayed me, lied to me and somehow cheated on me.

  33. I have dark brown hair.

  34. Cut it four days ago like Gen it had around January.

  35. I have a great neighbor and her cats name is Helge.

  36. She´s just 6 days younger than I am.

  37. I´d love to get another tattoo. But have no clue where and what. My stepmom said a star on my wrist *coughs*

  38. I have a babysister. She is 19 by now.

  39. I have no idea where my “mother” lives. Didn´t speak to her in almost 4 years. And I totally don´t care.

  40. My step-brother is 30, at the navy and owns a flat on Mallorca.

  41. I´m a series junky.

  42. Before I was into Supernatural, Moonlight was the first fandom I was really a part of.

  43. My favorite flowers are gerbera.

  44. I hate roses.

  45. I have a smell fetish, if you wanna call it like that. I unintentionally smell on everything. People, food, drinks....

  46. Because of that, I know that Jared Padalecki smells just..... *faints*

  47. I just gave a really hot guy my number. Even if I don´t believe that he will ever call or text.

  48. That action was more like a... I have to do something. And maybe I would hurt the special person who hurt me.

  49. I decorated my flat with convention pictures.

  50. I just buy handcream that smells like my granny.

  51. I love fake lashes.

  52. I´m addicted to coffee. The first week I lived in my flat, the microwave didn´t work, so I couldn´t heat milk for my coffee. That was horrible.

  53. I have almost none self confidence.

  54. I just act like I would have it.

  55. I mostly lie to myself.

  56. I have a lot of specialist literature.

  57. I used to work for a publishing company.

  58. I like the Twilight books (don´t hate me now please)

  59. But don´t like the movies. Vampires don´t sparkle!

  60. I love fashion.

  61. And buy regularly different fashion magazines.

  62. I love to role play on twitter.

  63. I play Ruby there.

  64. I love candles.

  65. Can´t live without music.

  66. My all time favorite band is and will ever be Bon Jovi.

  67. I´m good in sex. Theoretically.

  68. Just kissed once.

  69. Can´t cook.

  70. Love to bake.

  71. Make my own pralines and truffle.

  72. Love chocolate. Especially white.

  73. Hate dark chocolate.

  74. Wanna live in the US someday.

  75. Around LA or in the middle of no where.

  76. If not the US then Canada.

  77. Going on a road trip in a few years with my best friend.

  78. Drove over a red light once and got caught.

  79. Love going to the movies.

  80. If I like a movie, I can watch it over and over again.

  81. My absolute favorite movie is “Interview with a vampire”

  82. Always had a thing for the supernatural.

  83. I told Jared that he smells amazing.

  84. I love to dance.

  85. I´m afraid of spiders.

  86. Someday I wanna own a pug.

  87. I hate feet.

  88. Can sleep everywhere. Even if it´s loud and bright.

  89. I can´t sleep without my Maki plushy and my Jared pillow.

  90. I love high heels.

  91. don´t like iPhones but love my blackberry.

  92. I cry when I watch a movie or show and it´s sad or the people are too happy.

  93. I hate/love weddings.

  94. Gave up the perfect live picture a while ago. Including wedding and co.

  95. I have a record player and some vinyls. Mostly Bon Jovi.

  96. I own some of my cd´s two or three times, when there was a special edition.

  97. I have grey-blue-green eyes.

  98. I own a Ruby knife.

  99. I think tattoos, long(ish) hair, nice hands, eyes and a nice butt are sexy.

  100. When I started watching “The Big Bang Theory” I saw how nerdy I am. Even if it´s just a little bit.

15th-Nov-2010 01:42 pm - That´s why she is who she is...
black eyes
I made a somehow character studie for Ruby.
What happend before she was a demon. And why she became one.
Cause every dark soul has his reasons.



That´s why she is who she isCollapse )


10th-Nov-2010 04:10 am - too late to think...
black eyes

Okay, I can´t sleep. Why? Cause I´m thinking too much like always. This time it´s because I made a huge mistake one week ago.


If you wanna know, click here...Collapse )


24th-Oct-2010 04:57 pm - the dog days are over...
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Look what I got from my stepmom...

it´s so damn cute... I love pugs...

24th-Oct-2010 03:32 pm - nobody loves me here
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a new Lucifer/Gabriel wallpaper

2nd-Oct-2010 04:42 pm - to me you look so beautiful

as always to get the full 1440x900 click on the pic
25th-Sep-2010 12:18 am - one day it´s gonna be alright
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and a few Gabriel icons

24th-Sep-2010 09:27 pm - you had me from hello
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Today I was in the mood for some Mark/Lucy stuff.
So, enjoy. ;)

like the other times. click on the picture to get the 1440x900
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